Member Artists


BozArt Mission Statement


The mission of BozArt, an artists' cooperative, is to effectively represent accomplished artists who are committed to creating original works of art. The gallery supports the artistic vision of its members without exclusive focus on the commercial salability of their work.


Opportunities to be part of an art community, to share resources with other artists, and to further develop a professional artistic reputation are additional benefits to gallery members.


Free Expression Policy


To preserve and protect freedom of expression. The freedom to create is a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment. Though we expect that works of art will be created that may offend certain groups, we are staunchly opposed to any measure that would inhibit their presentation. We, as BozArt members, respect an artist's right to communicate his/her ideas artistically, and have agreed to refrain from any act that would cause that right to be abridged.


At the same time, we recognize that the right of the artist to exhibit or perform does not preclude the right of others to take exception to the particular work of art. However, this right must be exercised in ways that do not prevent the work from being seen, and must not involve any form of intimidation, defacement or physical violence.


We reject the claim of any outside individual or agency to dictate the acceptability or appropriateness of the display or performance of any work of art in the gallery.


All images displayed on bozartgallery.com are the property of the respective artist.

Any and all reproduction of these images without the expressed written consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.