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Frank Feigert

member since: 2011
e-mail: feigert1@yahoo.com



My photographs are snippets of scenes I have come across, striking me as interesting in their own right, for reason of substance, design, or colors that appeal to me.

What do I look for?  This varies: it might be the mood; it can be a strong graphic element or an odd or humorous juxtaposition; it may simply be strong colors, or their absence.  In short, like most photographers not on assignment, the real question is, “what interests me at the moment, and can an interesting picture be made from it?” 

I hope you find them pleasing or provocative. If not, so be it.  However, please do not ask me to draw parallels, plumb depths or find inner meanings. My attitude is informed by Ansel Adams, arguably one of our greatest photographers:

“Absent are statements of what the photographs ‘mean.’  I cannot, and will not, attempt to describe, analyze, or define the creative-emotional motivations of my work, or the work of others.  Description of the inspiration or the meaning of a work of photography, or of any other medium of art, lies in the work itself . . . . Only the print contains the artist’s meaning and message.” Ansel Adams, Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs (Boston: Little, Brown, 1983), vii.



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